define - build - success
the process

Why should you choose Viel Soft? Apart from creating kick ass projects.

The first step

All projects doesn’t start off right away. People can’t just say, "Make me a website". It will lead us in having tons of questions such as, "What kind of website do you want?", "Do you have any objectives and goals for the project? ", "Who are your target market?" These kind of questions need to be answered to begin the project. Every project is different. Therefore, each must be carried out in a different approach.
We need to...
We prefer to start our relationship by meeting you personally. An hour or two of your time would be great to give us an opportunity to get to know each other and the project at hand.
Nothing is perfect! Earning valuable knowledge takes time but it’s definitely worth it. We always take our time to find the best solution for the problem.
Plan & Strategy
Before we start the production, we combine our ideas and the information gathered from the client to make sure that we can provide the scope of work. Taking the time to get it right will save lots of money and time in the future.
The second step

This is also known as the production stage. Once everything at the define stage is clear, we begin to execute the plans we’ve agreed on. Each plan is thoroughly thinked of and executed with careful planning, brainstorming and quality assurance.
We need to...
In the process of creating the design concept, we take all the findings from the define step and create a masterpiece.
Once the created design is approved, we gather the necessary requirements or tools needed for the design and hand them over to the developer. Firstly, we set up the site on a local server so we can start the coding process and implement the design.
Quality Assurance
After the coding process, the developers are required to push their work to their Git and it will be deployed on Staging site; we then start to conduct quality assurance. After testing and fixing of bugs, we will now deploy it on Production (running) site. By all means, we test and monitor the quality of our work before we’ll show you the progress of the site. We make sure that the details of the design are properly implemented and the functionalities of the project have been tested thoroughly.
The third step

It’s time to show your project to the world! Once we have finished the develop step, we don’t just disappear and leave without giving you a way to manage your project.
We need to...
Turn over
Once we have finished the build step, we proceed to the turnover of files. We make sure that you receive every bit of information that is needed for your project.
We use a content management framework that contains basic features common to content management systems (CMS) which allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting, as well as maintenance from a central interface. This will help you keep your project up to date.
Once you are happy with the final output of the project, we can already launch your project. Now that you have your awesome project, we want to make sure it stays awesome. Our team of experts are always available for any questions or updates you will be needing.
Lastly, it would be great to receive a feedback from you. Tell us what you think of our service & overall performance. Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.
" Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless. "
Thomas A. Edison